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Spa Vrdnik is a village in northern Srem, in the Vojvodina province of Serbia. It is located at southern slopes of Fruška gora, at the border of the national park. Although small, the village has several distinctive features: a thermal spa, Vrdnik-Ravanica monastery from the 16th century, former coal mine with steam power plant built in 1911, but destroyed during NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.

Monasteries of Fruska gora

At this link Map monastery, with magnification you can see where the monasteries on Fruska gora. In the vicinity of the monasteries Vrdnik Krušedol Jazak, Ravnica and Hopovo. Pure, unpolluted air with a large quantity of ozone classifies the spa into aerial spas. Medical indications: all forms of rheumatic illnesses, post-operative and post-rheumatic conditions of the locomotive apparatus and the spine, diseases of the peripheral central motor neuron, various painful syndromes, convalescent states, respiratory and gynaecological illnesses, migraines, deformities of the spine and joints, sport injuries, recreation and general conditioning of the organism. The Institute has modern equipment for practising all sorts of physical therapy and rehabilitation, under supervision of an expert team of specialist doctors and acupuncturists. In the vicinity of the spa, on the slopes of Mount Fruska gora, there are 16 monasteries which, with their beauty and cultural importance, attract numerous visitors.


The apartment is completely renovated two years ago.

In June, we celebrate the glory of Vrdnik spa.